boon or bane?


boon or bane?

Shokuzai: Episode 2

Hahaha, I’m only capping Ryo Kase in the preview! But yey, he finally appears on Episode 3.

Episode 2 wasnt as creepy as the first one. It’s just that, I feel like, Maki is more effed up in the head than Sae. But ok, whatever her reason is for beating up that creepy dude, she still protected the students, and for that, the parents should be thankful, not criticizing. And dude, what is up with Tanabe!? Why did he punch her?! What a loser. And OMG, before she blacked out, she said that she remembers who the culprit for killing Emiri is and he’s in that school. Is it Tanabe?! But no, he should be a lot older. But she’s not dead is she? I mean, she was just punched and she hit her head on the concrete but is that enough to kill her? Anyway, Episode 3 has already been subbed so I’ll watch it later. I’m just not sure if I can finish it at once. I can never finish one episode of this drama in just one day.

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